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Safehouse Security provides specialized security management for high profile individuals in the entertainment industry. For clients with no existing security system, Safehouse Security can design a turn-key operation; from screening, hiring and training personnel, to installing the necessary hardware and electronics, to designing and implementing a set of procedures which will provide the maximum safety for the client and his or her family while making the minimum impact on their day to day lifestyle. For clients with security already in place, Safehouse Security can upgrade the efficiency of the existing system through a variety of services, such as training courses to enhance the professionalism of the staff, physical site surveys, systems upgrades or assistance in the development of contingency plans.

Safehouse Security has trained the personal security staffs for some of the wealthiest and most visible members of the international business community, many from countries where kidnapping is a major industry. Now members of the entertainment community, many of whom have a similar need for protecting themselves and their families, can benefit from the same level of professionalism and technical proficiency.


Safehouse Security offers special services for clients who require security for a specific event, such as a concert performance, an awards gala or a celebrity golf or tennis tournament. Often a client who feels no need for security on an ongoing basis will need intermittent security for an event of this kind. Similarly, a client with a permanent security presence may require additional help for these occasions.

For any specialized, short term requirement, Safehouse Security can supply world class individuals with many years of experience to either augment the client's existing security or provide a temporary security screen for the duration of the event. Safehouse can also interface with limousine services to provide specially trained "security chauffeurs", highly skilled in evasive driving techniques to transport our celebrity clients to and from these events.


Entertainment is a global business, musicians and performers from the United States have huge followings in Europe, Asia and Latin America. In their continuing quest for authenticity, film makers move to locations farther and farther off the beaten track. Safehouse Security has a unique international perspective based upon our global training background. For clients planning concert tours of southeast Asia or location shoots in the Amazon, Safehouse Security can provide advanced teams to coordinate security measures with the local authorities, on site security at the actual venue or training for the entire staff in the political and cultural requirements of the region.

Safehouse Security personnel have lived, worked and operated in literally every corner of the globe, on every continent and in every climate. All of our staff are experienced internationalists and most are multi-lingual. We have a depth of experience which goes far beyond the traditional security practitioner, while maintaining our uniquely American outlook.


Psychopaths, crazed fans, love struck celebrity worshipers with a tenuous grip on reality are the terror of every person in public life. When confronted by the lurking presence outside the house, the deranged letters written with words cut out of magazines, or the multiple "hang up" phone calls late at night there are few options available, even to an individual of status and wealth. The police by their very nature are primarily a reactive organization. They will find and apprehend the perpetrator after the crime has been committed, but that is of little solace to the individual in fear for his or her life. Safehouse Security has the answer, a special task force specially formed for this unique problem.


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