Convoy/Motorcade Driving

Convoy Evasive Driving

Learn Multiple Vehicle Simultaneous Maneuvers

Change directions in a minimum time and space!

Motorcade (convoy  2 point mayday turns)

Boot Legs / J turns

Counter Ambush!

Scenarios / Exercises / Drills

Contact Driving!

Proximity Driving

Custom Evasive Driving Programs!

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SafeHouse - Evasive Driving 

Learn Convoy/Motorcade Tactics starting with mid size vehicles and transition into full size vehicles and then SUV's/Trucks, gaining control and confidence as you transition between vehicles.

Contact Driving  strategically using your vehicle as an Offensive or Defensive Weapon!

This is Strategic Driving Exercises, not crash bang. Great driving tool for maximum benefit.

How fast can you accelerate away from danger or stop and reverse direction while in multiple vehicle formations utilizing 2 point and 3 point emergency turns all with control and confidence 


Are you worried by today’s headlines? Safehouse Security has the help you need!

Topics covered are as follows but not limited to:

Vehicle Dynamics and Effects

Evasive Action

Choke Points, Kill Zones, High Profile Details

Escape Drills

 Escape with Forward and Reverse Slalom

Braking - Straight and Curves (Pump - ABS - Threshold)

Rapid Decisions (ambush avoidance)

Evasive maneuvers Boots and J-turns

Route Planning

Surveillance/Counter Surveillance  Detection

IED Recognition

Expedient vehicle recovery

OFF Road Transitions

Vehicle Transitions

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