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Safe in Your Surroundings A Safehouse Seminar for Women

This seminar is specifically designed for women, to give them the information and physical skills necessary to insure their safety in a variety of threatening situations.  Whether it is girls leaving home for the first time to college, young professional women working in the city, or any woman out on the town after dark, this seminar will teach a more secure process for observing and relating to the world around them, along with the physical skills to react to a bad circumstance.

  9AM - 9:15AM                                               Introduction   

  The goals and methods of the seminar are explained and the instructor staff is introduced to the students.                                                                       

  9:15AM – 10:45AM                                       Planning and Situational Awareness 

  How to plan for your personal security, knowing your surroundings and your options in any situation, simple tricks and tools for use in an emergency situation                           

  10:45AM – 11:45AM                                     Cyber Security                                                                       

Keeping yourself, your money, and your reputation safe on-line from identity theft to cyber stalkers, social media, smart phones, laptops, tablets, PC,  

  11:45AM – 12:30PM                                      Lunch                                                                                                 

12:30PM – 1:00PM                                         Self-Defense Lecture 

  The theory of self-defense against a   larger and stronger attacker, how to inflict shock and pain very quickly to give yourself those magic few seconds to initiate your escape plan.                                            

1:00PM – 5:00PM                                           Self-Defense Practical            Exercises

  Quick and simple techniques, both hands free and using expedient weapons will be practiced to give the students a last resort option in a variety of threatening situations.         


$200.00 per Student

714 968-5916

Date: TBD


1996 Placentia Ave, Costa Mesa CA

workout attire, bring own light lunch, H2O provided

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